Matthew Romero



...was born in the greater Los Angeles area in August 1982. He lived in the area when he was child until his family relocated to the High Desert of Southern California while he was still an adolescent. Matthew has been drawing since he could hold a pencil and has always had a strong passion for art. As a teenager, being influenced by Punk and similar subculture's, his interest in tattoo's began.

At the age of 20 and without a formal apprenticeship, Matthew was mentored by tattoo artist Casey Whittemore. Casey gave Matthew a tattoo machine, some basic supplies and some basic guidance to help him begin his career. By August 2002 Matthew had his first real job at Tattoo Image in Victorville CA owned and operated by Ed "Big Ed" Hernandez.

Matthew went into Tattoo Image looking for a formal apprenticeship not a job tattooing. Seeing the level and potential that Matthew was at, Big Ed instead gave him a job tattooing small and simple designs he felt comfortable and confident that Matthew could handle. Ed soon became a very important mentor and really helped him grow to become the tattoo artist he is today.

After 8 years of tattooing, Matthew had a new influence that would forever change his career. Briefly working with the world famous and color portrait pioneer Nikko Hurtado, he helped push Matthew in a new direction and with a new understanding of the tattoo process.

Now 2017, Matthew works at Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA and also frequents the Black Anchor Gallery in Hollywood, CA. Matthew prides himself on portraits, realism and neotraditional.